hello world

kinda basic name i know.

currently eating cereal at 1:25 in the afternoon which is pretty cool.

as of now i am working on a few projects

fella - a tycoon game where you sell and make drugs and stuff. i am making it with my friend and some europe guy, i forgot where he is from.

dreamscape - i told chatgpt to give me some surreal game ideas and this is one of em. currently making it with unity.

being shishkabob - a web series mainly focusing on old things i've done but also vlogs and such. season 1 and part of 2 are already out.

conker's bad fur day decompile - i really like cbfd and i think it would be cool to see it running on pc nativly. thats probably a long ways out but its still cool to think about.

half-life: source 2 - a remake of hls on the source 2 engine using s&box. i have been working on it since august of 2022. development has basically stopped but a youtuber named ricter overtime made a video in which hls2 is featured so i might get back on that grind.

thats basically it for now. oh yeah also this new website is pretty sick isn't it. i def made it all by my self.

Edit (June 21, 2023): I remade this website, so this time I did make it by my self.

- shishkabob


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