Adventure time: Card Wars was an old mobile game which was discontinued in 2020.

In October of 2023, I decided to port Card Wars to PC.

it was pretty easy actually. The game was old enough to not use Unity's IL2CPP, so the C# code could be easily decompiled.

The actually Unity project and assets were decompiled using UtinyRipper.

There was some changes need as the decompile was not perfect.

Missing shaders.

The hardest part was the server. Its been offline for almost 4 years and no live capture of the real server exists. The good news was the code was pretty easy to read.

Code for the updating the user's name, icon, and level. All it does a send a post request using HTTP.

Eventually i'll make the server open-source but its still a work in progress.

This port is pretty much done, still needs a few bug fixes.

Card Wars Kingdom

The successor to Card Wars. While slightly more difficult, it was made easier with my experience with the first game.

This game required Photon servers for multiplayer, but they were pretty easy to setup.

This port is also pretty much done and still needs a few bug fixes.

- shishkabob