A work in progress remake of Half-Life in source 2 using Facepunch's successor to Garry's Mod, s&box. Including deathmatch and capture the flag from Opposing Force.

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Developed by:

  • shishkabob
  • Xenthio
  • TheBoxTrot
  • IanSource2
  • babyherc1000

We use the Half-Life Resized maps which allows you to play some chapters in just 1 map.

Half-Life Resized Maps by:

  • Sergey "Mr. Lazy" Fetisov
  • TheMostUpset
  • Maestra Fénix
  • TheMostUpset

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Multiplayer goofs
Testing s&box's default playermodel
VR testing
More multiplayer goofs
Testing asset.party content